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Creating a Resume that people will read

The point of a well-written resume is not to get you a job. The best resume in the world will not to that. The point of a resume is to interest the potential employer enough to offer you the chance to have a face-to-face meeting where they will be able to assess your unique skills and attributes in person. Keeping that in the back of your mind while you are writing your resume will stand you in good stead and help you create a resume that will stand out from the rest of the pile. With the economy being in the condition that it is in, there are so many more people applying for each potential job and you'll have to make sure that you stand out from the crowd with your resume.

You may have an existing resume, but chances are that it will need updating to be able to compete and perform for you in cutthroat world of business today. Most resumes are given a quick glance today, merely because of the volume resumes that are being submitted for each position. If your resume is one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, you'll really need to spark some kind of interest in the mind of the potential employer to get them to invite you for an interview.

What is a Resume?

Never lose sight of the fact that your resume is a quick, concise advertisement that should interest the potential employer enough to make them want to find out more about you and the value that you can add to their organization. A well written resume will tell the employer that if they hire you, they can expect some of the following attributes that will add value to their company.

  • A resume allows the employer to filter through their list of requirements and ensure that the basic ones are met before they even offer you an interview. Give the potential employer the most important facts about you so that they want to learn more about your attributes. Never ever, forget to include the most accurate contact details. You must be contactable; an employer will only try to get hold of you once and if you are not easily contactable then they will give up.
  • Your resume speaks volumes about you as a person. If it is well written and organized then it reflects on you positively. If the information contained in your resume is clear and easy to read, a potential employer will be able to infer that you are a well-organized and good potential candidate for a job interview.
  • You should always have a copy of your latest resume, you never know when you'll be able to hand one over and gain the possibility of a better job. Opportunity is always knocking at your door, so make sure you are always prepared to invite every opportunity that comes your way and turn it into a possibility in your career.
  • A resume gives a potential employer the chance to see that you have the skills needed to fulfill the requirements of the position. Always use keywords that match up to the words used in the job description. You can add to this by doing research on the specific company by going to their website and picking up on the keywords that are used there. If you pepper your resume with words and phrases that are important to the organization, they will recognize a sense of synergy, and will be more inclined to offer you a job interview.
Let your resume work for you, spend some time on creating a well-written resume and you will reap the rewards. It is an investment in your future.