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Re-design your Resume for real jobs

If you have a resume that you have been sending out to potential employers in an attempt to get a job and you are not being invited for any job interviews then you may want to have another look at your résumé. It is not you that the employers are rejecting; it is the way you have created your resume. Take a long hard look at your present resume and be ruthless. You need to re look at everything that you have got in there and makes some changes to ensure that your resume is doing the job. These questions will allow you to assess the quality of your resume and will allow you re-design your resume and make sure it is hitting the target each time.

01 Do you have too much information? Delete what is not applicable to the modern resume. You do not have to have an extensive personal section. You do not have to list your salary information or your reason for leaving a job. You do not have to have references unless they are asked for during an interview.

02 Is your Resume easy to read? The first impression that you make will be the lasting one. Double check to see that your resume is written in a way that is clear and easy to read. Ensure that everything is laid out on the page, the correct font size is used and that you have impeccable spelling and grammar. Make sure that you use consistent punctuation and grammar throughout the document. Remember that even a misplaced period can damage the integrity of your brand. You need to pay attention to every detail.

03 Is all the information there? The basic information must always be included in a quality resume. Check that you have your name and address as well as a telephone number where you can be easily contacted. Your email address is another vital communication tool. How many job interviews have been lost because the employer cannot get hold of you?

04 Education and training? Do you have your education listed? It is important to list all of your previous skills training especially if you do not have a lot of experience under your belt.

05 Are your job listings concise? You only have to list the company name, the city in which you worked and the period of time that you were employed. If and employer is looking for references, then you must be prepared to give them, but you should not have a long list of references on a quality resume.

06 Does your Resume get to the point? Your resume should show the employer that you have a clear idea of the goals of the organization and where you envisage fitting in to it. Target you resume according to the job description and what the employer is looking for.

07 Does your Resume present you in the best light? A good resume should bring your most positive attributes to the attention of the employers. You don't have to draw attention to your weaknesses.

08 Does your Resume show your results? Modern resumes are not focused on the job responsibilities that you have had, but rather the results that you have achieved. Give concrete examples and list the achievements in an easy to read format.

These few hints should help you re-assess your resume and make the changes that you need to ensure that you are hitting the target and opening doors. Always check that the length of your resume is not a factor, and that your layout is pleasing to the eye. Emphasize and highlight what you have to offer a potential employer and stick to the facts.